Dune Buggy Tours Dubai

Dubai is the dream destination for many of us. Why? Well, the reasons are ample. The middle-eastern city is known for many things starting from desert experience, Arabic food, music, shopping spree, and many more. However, another fascinating aspect of the city that makes travelers fall in love is its desert experience. The vast sea of sand with the blaring sun above may already make you feel the heat. But not every trip to Dubai is bound to end in sweat.

There are other ways also to enjoy and enrich the overall travel experience in Dubai. And one among them is taking a ride on Dune Buggy. The city is famous for its buggy rental Dubai services, which are a dream of every wanderlust. But leaving other valued reasons what makes dune buggies such a catch. Let us find out.

What is A Dune Buggy?

For all those who are still in a quandary related to the services and aspects of dune buggies, let us break the ice for you. Dune Buggies are nothing but sporty four-wheelers, which help you, surf on the desert sand easily. If you are someone who loves to take a ride around the dunes of the desert, then signing up for a dune buggy rental in Dubai will surely help. Dune buggies offer a comfortable ride to the intrepid travelers and also make the whole experience quite novel.

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The cars feature four wheels and can accommodate two people at a time. What makes dune buggies such an important thing for the desert rides is the comfort level. While ordinary vehicles cannot match the smooth ride over the sands, dune buggies in Dubai provide you with that experience.

How Do Dune Buggies in Dubai Differ From The Rest Of The World?

There is no doubt that Dubai is a city of splendor. One of the world’s gorgeous cities, Dubai is always a favorite destination for people who travel to the Middle East.

Such a unique experience is always coupled with loads of fun in the desert oasis. Therefore, the companies for buggy rental Dubai always have the best no matter what. The dune buggies in Dubai that are for rent provide the best of services. That means you can easily make your trip memorable while surfing through the sand.

Other essential things that are provided along with the dune buggies:

  • Helmet:

Who said that helmets could only be worn while traveling on the road. Deserts have their risks too. Therefore, the dune buggy rental Dubai provides helmets to travelers to avoid any potential risks. As the area is quite sandy, one has a high chance of having a high sore accident. Wearing a helmet will not only make you feel safe but also prevent any type of head injury in the worst case.

  • Goggles:

It is a common geographical phenomenon that deserts are located in the areas where there is no rainfall. This makes the overall area very hot due to the direct exposure of the sun. In such cases wearing a goggle will help you evade the risk to your eyes. Goggles provided by the buggy rental companies in Dubai are best for protecting the eyes to a larger extent.

  • Guide Book:

You might have ridden many types of vehicles before, however are practically new to riding a dune buggy such as on our Polaris RZR 1000 rental in Dubai. This is why the best rental companies in Dubai provide you with a guide book. The book allows you to ride the buggy safely. If you are unaware of the guidebook, there is a high chance that you might get into trouble. Therefore, always ask your rental company to provide you with the same.

  • Gloves:

Gloves are another essential parameter for riding the dune buggy. It is already mentioned above that temperatures in deserts can rise suddenly. As the outside temperature becomes very hot, sweating becomes paramount. This may result in the driver losing grip of the steering and, as a result, cause accidents. Thus always ask for gloves before taking a ride on the dune buggy. In this way, you can handle the vehicle very profoundly.

Why Go For A Dune Buggy Ride in Dubai?

Like mentioned before, deserts have a lot more to give to the travelers in comparison to the other places. And to see it that closely needs a cool yet superior looking vehicle. Dune buggy ride is something that will make you feel like a part of the desert oasis as long as you are there. It is because of the following:

  • Enjoying The Desert Views:

This stands true when going for a dune buggy ride in the deserts of Dubai. The unique adventure activity will let you take on a unique experience and let you explore the desert avenue at ease at your own time.

  • Ideal For Beginners:

Dune buggy rides can be attempted by those who have no prior experience in traversing around the desert avenue. However, before starting the ride, every rider will be given a set of instructions to get you all ready for the adventure. After the ride is complete, you will realize that it is one of the best ways to explore a desert.

  • Safety:

Riding a dune buggy without any safety features will always lead to inconvenience. Therefore while going on a ride, always cover your ears cause the winds are strong. In this way, you can protect yourself fully.


Once you make your mind to visit Dubai, it is all set to entrap you with its own set of adventures. Riding and taking control of a dune buggy such as the CAN AM Maverick X3 Turbo rental Dubai will make you tackle the dunes of the desert easily. Get ready to embark on a dune buggy riding adventure in Dubai, which will help you uncover a new perspective altogether. So next time you are in Dubai or planning a trip, then get ready to make sure to pull this adventure out. If words are to be believed, do take this risk and see how it pays off so smoothly.